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Which of the following best describes the condition present in the ecg tracing above?


2. Which of the following scenarios would result in the termination of an exercise program?


3. Which of the following laboratory values would result in cancellation of a scheduled Therapy visit?



4. Which of the following diagnostic tools/procedures is capable of measuring pulmonary artery pressure?


5. Using Karvonen’s formula, what would be the target heart rate range of a 75 y/o male with a resting heart rate of 70bpm?


6. At a given workload, UE ergometry results in which of the following conditions as compared to LE ergometry?


7. Which phase of cardiac rehab would employ low intensity 2-3 MET activities initially, and progress to 3-5 Met activities by conclusion of the phase?


8. Which of the following most accurately describes Inspiratory capacity?


9. The finding that FEV1/FVC<70% is most indicative of which pulmonary disease?


10. Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.17.38 PM

The patient above is positioned in a manner most suited for


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