How To Register for the NPTE: A step by step guide.

Learning how to pass the NPTE isn’t easy. Learning how to register for the NPTE isn’t easy either. This page is our attempt to simplify your NPTE registration process. Read it carefully!

Step 1: Determine Your State’s Requirements for PT Licensure.

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Every state has different requirements in order to sit for boards and become a licensed therapist. Find out what your state requirements are before you do anything else. For a list of State Licensing Authority Websites click here.

Many states have a long list of requirements to obtain a therapy license. Most require a separate jurisprudence (law) exam, fingerprints, background check, passport photo etc. Some states require a P1E form as well which may affect your ability to sit for Boards right after graduation.

Additionally, some states require the completion of a jurisprudence exam before application, some require that the tests be included with your application, and some are computer based and taken after boards. Make sure you know your state requirements!

Gather all of this information and make a Licensure application checklist.

Step 2: Complete and Submit Your Application to your State Licensing Authority.

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After completing your state application for licensure, mail it in. Before you do though, double and triple check that you have met your state requirements. Have you included your P1E form? Did you include your passport photo? The submission of an incomplete application will cost you money!

For a list of licensing authority mailing addresses, click here.

Step 3: Pay Up!

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Time to pay for your test! In some states (California for example) you should register and pay for the NPTE as soon as you submit your state application. In other states you need to wait for state approval before registering for the NPTE. This information is available on your individual state board website. Determine this first and when ready, you can pay and register for your NPTE exam by clicking here. This link will take you to the official FSBPT page where you can submit payment.

If your particular state utilizes a computer based jurisprudence exam, you will also have the opportunity to register and pay for your law exam during the NPTE registration process.

Step 4: Wait for your ATT letter.

Once the FSBPT receives approval from your state PT board that you are authorized to take the test, the FSBPT will send you an ATT (authorization to Test) letter. This letter contains all of the information necessary to register with a local prometric testing center to take the NPTE. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to take the test in the state you are obtaining licensure. You will be licensed in the state you have applied to assuming you have followed these steps correctly.

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Your ATT letter will also be shown under the status of my request link shown above. You can access the page shown in the above image by clicking here.

Make a note of all of the information contained on your ATT. It will specify specific dates that you are eligible to register for examination. Follow its instructions carefully.

Step 5: Register with Prometric

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After receiving your ATT, you are eligible to register for an examination date/time through prometric. This link will take you to the therapy specific prometric page for registration.

You will need to have your ATT and a debit/credit card handy in order to complete this registration process. The Prometric testing fee is 85$

Step 6: Pass Boards!

Congratulations! you’re registered to take the NPTE. Now all you have to do is show up (early!) to your prometric testing center and take the test. Should be easy right?

If you have any questions be sure to contact your licensing authority.

The fsbpt is also incredibly helpful:

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When in doubt, you can always ask us for help! Just fill out the form below. Good Luck!

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