Physical Therapy ED NPTE Review Courses

Custom Tailored Approach: Unlike most NPTE Review courses, PhysicalTherapyEd offers a 1-on-1 review course option. Instead of sharing time with 10-20 other students listening to a lecture, PhysicalTherapyEd offers personal coaching and a custom built 1-on-1 program. Click on the 1-on-1 review course link to the left for more details. We also offer a more affordable small class size option as well.

Small Class Size: Whether 1-on-1 or small group, PhysicalTherapyEd classes offer personal attention and engaging sessions. Nothing beats 10 weeks of 1-on-1 coaching, personalized quizzes, strengths/weakness assessment, NPTE study games, practice test review, and personalized tips. That said, even if you choose to enroll in our small group course, we guarantee that our course enrollment will never exceed 5 students.

Included Practice NPTE: All course participants will receive access to our own practice NPTE. Students in the one one course will even receive a personalized consultation following the test to review incorrect answer selections.

Dedication: Our instructors care about you! We do this because we enjoy helping PT students... we've been there! It is not about the money for us. If it was we'd make our class size 20-30 students like some other review courses out here. In fact, we're here to help you whether or not you actually sign up for our course because we want you to pass this test. Feel free to ask us anything you'd like, we are here to help you succeed. 

Weekly practice quizzes: Every week you will take high quality practice quizzes with one of our instructors with a detailed breakdown of each question, test taking strategies, and strength/weakness assessments. Students enrolled in the 1-on-1 course will have quizzes that are custom made to shore up their weaknesses. 

Affordable Options: We understand that 599 dollars for a 1-on-1 course may not be in everyone's budget. That said, you're unlikely to find 10-15 hours of private, 1 on 1 coaching and personal assessment from an instructor of PTEd quality for that price. Even so, we want NPTE review courses to be accessible to everyone, and don't believe that a course needs to be expensive to be high quality. For that reason, we have added the small group review course for 299.99. You'll still receive a great deal of personal attention in our 2-5 student class sizes, but for an even more affordable price.

We hope to be a part of your NPTE success story!


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