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The Physical Therapy Ed Practice NPTE is a 200 question computer based test designed to mimic the real National Physical Therapy Examination.

We here at have put a great deal of time and effort into creating an exam that corresponds closely to the current NPTE blueprint and content outline and that will not only accurately assess a student's ability, but be a valuable study tool as well.


For a limited time, we will be offering a personalized follow up quiz to students who have taken our exam.

Following the completion of our exam you will receive a full score report. Simply choose 10 questions that you would like further clarification on and email the question numbers to You will then have those questions placed into a quiz and emailed to you with more elaborate answer explanations.



The PhysicalTherapyEd Practice NPTE adheres to the current NPTE blueprint published by the NPTE and is written and reviewed by licensed physical therapists.

The exam is administered online in a format similar to the actual NPTE testing process and includes the following features:

  • Answer explanation and breakdown upon completion of the practice NPTE
  • A breakdown of performance by category allowing students to analyze their weaknesses and strengths
  • Up to 3 exam attempts
  • A personalized performance appraisal prepared by with study suggestions and tips based on the students performance

3 reviews for PhysicalTherapyEd Practice NPTE

  1. tlohman2 (verified owner)

    Kent, who scored a 68% on our practice NPTE, had this to say:

    “I scored in the high 60s on 2 O’sullivan exams and 1 in low 70s.

    2 in High 70s and 1 in 80s on Giles.

    88 on retired NPTE and 79 on practice PEAT to give you some comparisons.

    Overall I thought your exam was fair . I would say it was definitely on the difficult side but overall it gave me some different ideas that I need to focus on in the next few days”

    Thanks for the feedback Kent! We admit, our exam probably is on the difficult side. There are several style of “boards” questions on the NPTE. We like to do our best to showcase these more complex types of questions.

    Nevertheless, it sounds like you scored similar on our test as you did some other practice tests which is great!

  2. DHWANIL (verified owner)

    Hi I was just looking for more exams to solve for my NPTE preparation and I came across this website. I found NPTE test with 200 items on this site and so I appeared for this test. The questions in this test I found were awesome & liked the rationale behind each question with full explanation of all options. These questions are really worth for NPTE preparation and helped me a lot. Also I like the free quizzes given on website. Thanks for providing with such valuable information.

  3. hgpitch3 (verified owner)

    Hi there! I thought the practice test that was offered on this program was really good. It was hard, challenging and was at the same (if not more) difficulty level as the O’Sullivan’s exams. After you take the test, a copy of the answers is sent to your email with explanations to each question. This particularly was helpful when trying to pick out what other topics to study before the real NPTE. Some of the questions I got wrong were ones where I didn’t understand what was being asked. The explanations also helped to give me a different angle and perspective on how to dissect the questions, and another example of how a specific topic could be asked. Overall, I felt this practice exam was a good representation of the types of questions asked on the NPTE. I highly recommend utilizing this practice exam a tool during your studying!

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